16th July 2024

The Chief Executive Officer of As I Grow, a Non-Government Organization (NGO), Debrah Bekoe Isaac, has called on the government, individuals and other philanthropists to provide educational support to deprived rural communities.

According to him, most schools in the deprived communities are still limited in terms of the new learning way, good infrastructure and teaching personnel.

He said, according to a research conducted by the organization, most school children in the rural areas turn out to be drop outs, okada riders and victims of teenage pregnancy due to limited support to improve their education system.

“Serene and conducive environment gives comfort in learning. Thus, good buildings and structures will encourage children to do well and keep them in school. We at As I Grow have been providing school uniforms, school bags and other learning materials to students and teachers in deprived communities,” he added.


Mr Isaac said the NGO is looking for other avenues where institutions and individuals can also come in to support them to improve the standards of education in deprived communities.

He said most parents in such deprived areas are peasant farmers who find it difficult to provide for their wards, hence education not given much attention. However, according to Mr Isaac, when government, individuals and other NGO help to create a vocational centre and market for the farmers, they can provide for their wards to attend school.

As I Grow is a non-profit organization with the development of deprived communities as its major focus.

The organization has seven main priority areas of intervention, which fall under the Sustainable Development Goals 1, 2,3,4,5,6,8,9 and 11.

It is focused on eradicating poverty in deprived rural communities, advocacy geared towards girl-child education, reducing teenage pregnancy, women empowerment and livelihood, children education and support, environmental health, water and sanitation support, poverty reduction and youth development in the deprived communities.


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