The NDC just embarked on a demonstration. And for the first time in history a group of demonstrators were not beaten. First time in history, a group of demonstrators were not chased up, and tear gas thrown at them. First time in history, the security was not used against a group of demonstrators. This can happen only under NPP. I saw the demonstrators and I asked myself, are these all the people? Where are those they bused from Tamale, Navrongo, Paga, Volta and Bolgatanga? Is this opposition disadvantage or incumbent advantage? Does that meant that their own people had no interest in the demonstration? How come we see a crowd of less than 300people?


In the last 9yrs. That’s 2009-2016, under NDC, Ghana recorded the worst form of depression, hunger, abortion, subjugation, corruption and armed robbery. That was a nation where road accident was on the ascendancy; rape cases were rising; dumsor was crazy, prices of goods and services were exorbitant. Education was expensive and only the rich could afford. Yet, no one went on demonstration. In those days, death was normal. Hunger killed both adults and children, maternal mortality was the order of our hospitals. Because monies meant for the Nation was shared by a privileged few NDC. Ghana was in a mayhem. Our headlines were about suicide, suicide, suicide. That was Ghana, a land of fracas and carcass. Yet no one spoke about kum yen preko. This is what happens when a political party without a message for elections does in order to inform its people that it had not collapsed yet. Kum yen preko was peaceful. Nobody was attacked as they had wished. This only happens under a government that is sensitive to the progress of Ghana. And wishes to release Ghana from the shackles of bouncing poverty that was left behind in 2016 under NDC. Now, I am convinced, that, the alternative is scary. Now, there is no place like today’s Ghana. A place where elders pretend and force themselves as though they are wailing when they are happy.

Communication Officer
Dome Kwabenya Constituency


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