How I became adulterous to retaliate my cheating wife for having a child outside marriage – Pastor


It is not easy to be a pastor, and that is why most men of God are falling miserably in the face of temptations.

A Nigerian pastor has announced that he is divorcing his wife because both of them have been unfaithful to each other throughout the marriage.

Speaking to his congregation on Sunday, Pastor Joshua Iginla disclosed how his wife, Yemisi started the infidelity game by having a child outside the marriage, but he chose to cover her up, reports.

Apparently, he did not forgive his wife. He decided to retaliate by also indulging in adultery.

The marriage has hit the rocks because Pastor Iginla said his wife is blackmailing him with his infidelity.

“When my wife cheated and had an ‘unholy’ child, I covered her up but when mine happened, she started blackmailing me,” Pastor Iginla told his congregation. “This is why I urge us to pray for our leaders. It’s not easy for me to come out in public to say this, but I warned my wife, she didn’t listen rather she preferred to turn me to a laughingstock.”



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