25th July 2024

Renowned Ghanaian female blogger and winner of the Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger of the year award at the maiden edition of Ghana Lifestyle Awards, Jullie Jay-Kanz, has stated that hardwork has always been the key to her success and therefore deserves every award she has received.

Speaking to the Eveningmailgh.com, Ms. Jay-Kanz said that she won the recent award because of the usual hardwork she puts in her job and the massive votes she recieved from her fans.

“I have done every hardwork to deserve this award. I don’t even know the organisers of the award so as to whether they love me or not I may not be able to elucidate. I won because I deserved it. my huge fanbase also voted.” Ms. Jay-Kanz told eveningmailgh.com.

The maiden edition of Ghana Lifestyle Awards was held at Radach Lodge and Conference Centre, Tamale on April 27, 2019.
The event was graced by dignitaries including the Chief of Tamale N-Yab Dakpema, MP for Tamale North constituency Alhassan Suhuyini and others. The award is aimed at recognising the contributions of the Fashion Lifestyle industry in Ghana.


When Ms. Jay-Kanz was given the opportunity to advise the youth who thinks that fast riches has to do with scamming and defrauding people in order to earn a living, she said;

“…God has bestowed unto each and everyone a special talent. As youth, let’s utilise this in a such a way that we will influence society positively. Scamming and defrauding people would only end you up in jail. Let’s work hard by making good use of the talent God has given us to innovate new things and to create jobs for ourselves because hardwork pays and I’m a living testimony of hardwork.” She said.

Future of Blogging

Speaking on the future of blogging,
Ms. Jay-Kanz said “the future is Great. Incessantly, the world is advancing technologically. New ideas keeps unfolding . Bloggers of my type are always learning to help perfect the online journalism job. We are adding up more knowledge to what we have already especially myself. So I believe in the next years to come there’s going to be a significant progress.”

Source: eveningmailgh.com

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