14th July 2024

Visually impaired Ghanaian singer, otherwise known as ‘Adelaide the Seer’ has revealed how she has been looking for the opportunity to bring her song out to the public.

According to her, although she knows how to sing, being recognized by people was difficult for her until she was discovered by DopeNation, one of Ghana’s hiplife musicians.

She made this revelation while sharing her predicament on Nana McBrown’s United ShowBiz entertainment show on UTV.

She said, “I knew how to sing but I did not have any help. I was making preparations and searching for opportunities that will expose my songs to the public but I did not get there, until they discovered me,” she disclosed.

Speaking on her predicaments as a ‘blind girl’, the 25-year-old revealed how she went through pain whiles undergoing surgery at the hospital.

“I became blind on October 16, 2012, with a condition called ‘Respinal Meningitis’ that affected my brain nerves. I became paralysed as well. I had to go through physiotherapy before I was able to walk. Going through all that was very painful,” she added.

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