23rd July 2024

Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy star in the long-awaited sequel Coming 2 America

Ghanaian filmmaker LeiLa Djansi has described the sequel to the 1988 classic ‘Coming to America’ as mildly offensive.

In a Facebook post, she stated that there are scenes and activities in ‘Coming 2 America’ that are not only stereotypical but discriminatory and disrespectful to the continent and its people.

Leila Djansi explained that Hollywood has shown they are unwilling to accept that the images they paint in their films as Africa are wrong and “mostly lies”.

“As an African, I found Coming2America mildly offensive. Jungles, wild animals, child warriors and war. Come on Hollywood, these tropes show how discriminatory and disrespectful y’all are. Enough! There’s more to Africa and please don’t try hiding em within wealth,” she wrote.

Portraying Africa

The Northern Affair director stated that Africans are just as normal and many live their lives without seeing wild animals like lions, elephants among others as usually portrayed by Hollywood.

“Spent 15 years of my life in Ghana and never even seen a squirrel. Child soldiers? Chicago gun totting gang kids? Can we talk about that? STOP!!”

She added that the images and narratives used to keep Africa oppressed and the African from advancing is racist.

“I swear someone will be asking me about lions this week. Jesus take the wheel. Africans are regular people. African cities are cosmopolitan. African villages are what they are based on culture and geography. Let’s not discuss villages in the South. Georgia?” she added.

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