23rd July 2024

Nana Ama McBrown,

Ghanaian actress cum media personality, Nana Ama McBrown, has taken to social media to showcase the scars on her arm, resulting from an accident and surgeries.

In a TikTok live, the actress, while interacting with fans, decided to show her scar to prove the extent of suffering, she had been through.

She showcased a deep cut that has been stitched from her underarm through to her elbow.

The large scar divided that part of her arm, leaving behind a dark blemish on her fair-coloured skin tone.

While interacting with her audience, she asked individuals parading falsehood about her to desist from it.

McBrown said it will be in the best interest of individuals who know nothing about her or her pain, to remain silent.

“If you don’t know me don’t talk about me. If you share my pain, you’ll enjoy my glory. If you don’t know someone’s pain don’t talk about it. (Shows scars to camera) Don’t do that. But you see, it is life, I cannot do anything about it,” she established.

McBrown, however, stated that she isn’t perfect adding that she is making a conscious effort at changing for the better with each passing day.

Thus, she has asked that everyone does the same.

“Just leave everything to God and move. As a human being, you will fall. I am not perfect as I am seated here but the bible said in the sight of God, we all fall short but he renews his love for us daily. Every day, change a little bit for good,” she observed.

Although McBrown did not direct her submissions to anyone or any topic, netizens have said that she is reacting to the numerous attacks and allegations from the likes of Sally Mann and Diamond Appiah.

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