My man and I almost got married – Mzbel reveals


Singer Mzbel has revealed that she nearly walked down the aisle with the man she is currently dating.

She said but for a last-minute change of mind, she would have been someone’s wife by now.

The mother of one made the revelation in an interview with Mamavi Owusu-Aboagye on the Cosmopolitan Mix on Joy FM, Tuesday.

“We were at the point of getting married… and then we changed our mind,” Mzbel said.


Asked if it was her decision or the man’s to call off the nuptials, the singer said “I did,” explaining she “wasn’t sure” about getting married.

She admitted that she is scared of marriage because of public perceptions about her. She doubts she will ever get married.

“I don’t feel marriage is for everybody but if you are able to make it, I’m proud of you because I am so scared,” the controversial singer added.

For her, “two people agreeing that they are gonna spend the rest of their lives together in the same house, that concept drives me nuts.”


While she will not give details about the man she is dating, Mzbel, born, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, noted that her man is in his fifties.

“I like them matured and old. Like 50 something. I don’t like 40 something because I’m 40 already. December I will be 40. I like a man that is 10 years, 15 years older than me,” she said.

The ‘16 Years’ singer believes dating a young man is a lot of work.

“…From experience if you date a younger guy, not with everybody though, then you tend to be their mother – mother of the man and the kids and it is stressful if you are in my position,” she explained.


Mzbel stressed that an older man will rather take good care of you.

The singer interestingly revealed that she would not mind if her man cheats on her.

“If I don’t know about it and if he will do it in a way that I will not have any disease then that’s fine,” she said but was quick to tell Mamavi that she will not cheat on her man.





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