My workers have deserted me in my struggles – Bola Ray shares EIB tale


Popular television and radio personality, Nathan Kwabena Anokye Adisi, known in the showbiz circle as Bola Ray, has publicly opened up about how his group of companies are struggling to survive, leading to en masse resignation.

Financial difficulties, coupled with other challenges, caused the EIB Network to default in paying staff salaries for seven consecutive months, a situation he said, became unbearable for some of the staff at a point.

Sharing his life story at the 2019 IYES conference in Accra, Bola Ray, said he has since the challenges, lost over 100 staff with whom he had planned the future of his companies with, and raised the issue of loyalty.

“Out of 483 workers that we started with, we still have some great people out there making about 300 who are still with us across the nation who came and said even if it is 6 months [or] 7 months, we will be with you,” he stated.

In the last year, key personalities of the EIB group including Naa Ashorkor, Anita Erskine, Kafui Dey, Giovani Caleb and Berla Mundi have moved on with some joining other media organisations.

But for Bola Ray, “loyalty is key”.

He observed that there are many people who will be “with you when it’s all rosy” but suddenly leave you once you start having challenges.

The celebrated personality was shocked that his staff left him the way they did, though he admitted he had “not paid salary”

“In the month of August 2018, I had a lot of people walking away. It got to a point, anybody who walks into my office, I ask are you resigning?”

He recounted a period in 2015 when he was hailed and held in high esteem by his staff at Ultimate FM in Kumasi but suddenly lost all those privileges due to the challenges he has been having with the companies.

Bola Ray revealed that whenever he visited Kumasi, he was met on arrival at the Kumasi Airport with three Toyota Prados and driven straight to the Golden Tulip Hotel where about 15 staff will serenade, take pictures and share them on social media.

“Just two months ago I went there, at the airport, they brought some small Camry, yeah, that’s life. That’s when they give you all the tales”.

“It has taught me one lesson in life that there are people, who on your journey, will come with you. It’s not because they like you…but they have their intent. When you shake the storm, they will leave,” he added.

Despite the difficult times, he said he remain resolute and has worked to clear the salary arrears leaving just about three months.

His advice to patrons of the conference was simple; don’t give up on people when the going gets tough.

“When those hurdles come, don’t give up, and be loyal to the people who put you there. Loyalty is key.

Meanwhile, his story has gained traction on social media, entering the Twitter trends with mostly negative comments from users who have been bashing.




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