Residents of Bia East Express Worry Over Poor Rate of Development.


Development in the Bia East District of the Western Region has been at a standstill for several decades now. According to some residents of the District, the rate of development in the area is impacting negatively on the daily lives of the people. Health Facilities, schools, roads among others that have direct impact on the lives of the people are in such a bad situation that they are becoming a huge challenge to residents of the area.

Speaking to the, some of the residents pleaded with the leadership-traditional and political- of the District to take a tour through the area to ascertain for themselves the level of under-development in the area.

Mr Owusu Aboagye Matthew, a teacher at one of the schools in the area told us that “the time is due for the Leaders of the Bia East to take a week-long tour throughout the district to identify where there is the need for improvement of infrastructure.”

Most of the inhabitants of the District are petty farmers. According to these farmers, the poor nature of their roads makes transportation of their farm produce to urban centres difficult, a situation which they say negatively impacts on their livelihood.

Some of the residents also expressed worry over the falling standard of education in the area. Mr. Owusu Aboagye, pleaded with the leadership of the district to put measures in place to improve upon Education in the area.
Others also expressed worry about the sanitation situation in some part of the district as well as the cost of utility in the area.

They are also pleading with the leadership of the area and the central government to put measures in place to check the level of deforestation in the area. Some of the residents stated that the indiscriminate felling of trees in the area can have negative impact on the lives of the people if not checked.


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