14th July 2024

In an interview with UK based HotDigital Radio, the former NPP General Secretary discusses the privileges and responsibilities of a politician.

Mr Agyepong noted that, government appointees in Ghana celebrate their nomination more than their duties that is supposed to be discharge, adding that, those surrounding them ‘ *enablers* ‘ come closer to manipulate for their benefits.

The NPP flagbearer hopefully, was in UK for a private visit but took time to attend the NPP-UK Branch meeting as he also engaged some media houses in the United Kingdom.

With his wisdom and experience in Ghanaian politics, the former presidential Press secretary has described politics and politicians as a tremendous privilege and responsibility placed in your hands – that everything you do, every thought that you generate, every emotion that you have, every action that you perform, is going to affect millions of people’s lives, is it not very important that you are in the best possible place within yourself?

For example, if you are doing gardening, you needn’t worry whether your hands are clean or not because if your hands are dirty, plants know how to benefit from that. But if you are cutting fruit and selling it to everyone, the first thing I will look at is your hands because this is going to affect a few people who are going to buy fruit from you. If you are doing a surgery on someone, we really want your hands super-clean. The deeper the access you have to life, the cleaner your hands should become. A politician is someone who has been given the responsibility and privilege that he can decide in which direction all our lives go. If such a privilege gets placed in your hands, you must ensure you are in the highest possible way a human being can be, Mr Agyepong explained.

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