15th July 2024



On this special day of celebrating International women’s day, we would like to use this splendid opportunity to communicate a message of congratulations, encouragement and Hope to every woman who has made tremendous impact cum today’s young maidens poised to make enormous contributions in Ghana, Africa and the world as a whole in the future.

Indubitably,young women from various spheres of our world, and those facing various forms of impediments in the name of making success eventually, are also remembered and recognised as far as this day is concerned. Their struggles will definitely be worthy of surfacing.

*WWM* as an emerging movement of collation of identifiable female volunteer groups within New Patriotic Party solemnly poised at operating under the womens wing chapter of the organizational wing of the party, we would like to give much appreciation to all our mothers, big sisters and younger maidens within and beyond our political party and women of Ghana for their hard work and positive contributions to the welfare of our beloved country(Ghana).

Irrespective of the impediments associated with the works of women, we encourage women of our generation to continue to be virtuous , an epitome of wisdom, hardwork and dedication in their journey to cause societal, political and economic change.

_*”As stipulated in the records of history,let’s not be women who need men but women men need”.*_

Again, just as Gloria Vanderbilt asserted that *”I always believed that one woman’s success can help another woman’s success”* so do We believe that, we must put up efforts to help other disadvantaged women to climb up the ladder as we move on ,so as to get more powerful, influential, history-making and generational thinkers in our category.

Once again, happy international women’s day.

_Long live Ghana_
_Long live NPP_
_Love live WWM_

*”Woman:,Be bold !!!*

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