Stop Cheating or Say Good bye


Faithfulness in relationship is a key to promote effective relationship which may lead to marriage. There are instances where one assumes that the other is cheating on him or her. When it happens this way, mostly the lady may nag as the guy might raise hand on the lady in order to know the actual truth.

Cheating during dating does not promote a healthy relationship which may eventually lead to marriage. Notwithstanding, in most marriage breakdown, the root cause tends to be unfaithfulness. This means that about 5% dating may be genuine and devoid of cheating.

Getting to know that your partner is cheating on you will help to protect your from this dreadful sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS and gonorrhoea. Aside that it will only kill you slowly while the other partner lives. If you suspects your partner to be cheating on you and you cannot contain it, my sister or brother say “goodbye” to that relationship.


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