Tumu residents protest against timber processing factory


Residents of Tumu in the Sissala East Municipality of the Upper West have given the Municipal Assembly a week’s ultimatum to shut down a timber processing factory there.

The residents accused the company of also processing rosewood.

According to them, activities of the Chinese Company, Bachopong Li Songquon is affecting the environment and clearly defies government’s ban on rosewoods.The residents registered their displeasure on Monday by embarking on a peaceful demonstration.The demonstrators went through the principal streets of Tumu and converged at the forecourt of the Sissala East Municipal Assembly where they presented a petition to the MCE, Karim Nanyua for onward submission to the President.Leader of the aggrieved residents, Osman Kenton told Citi News that they will advise themselves within a week if the factory is not shut down.

“The wood processing factory is currently processing all manner of timber including Rosewood. The activities of this company are leading to the cutting down of wood which is inimical to the livelihoods of individuals.”

Also, he added that;

“What we did this morning is to tell the Municipal Chief Executive and District Assembly to ensure that these factories are immediately shut down and we have given them one-week ultimatum to do that. We have given the Municipal District Assembly an ultimatum that we want the company to close down within seven days else the community will advise itself,”

SOURCE: citinewsroom.com


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