20th May 2024

Ms Gyamfua (in cap) addresses the women organisers

The National Women Organiser of the governing New Patriotic Party has reassured women within the party that their efforts will not be forgotten so long as the NPP remains in power.

According to Ms Kate Gyamfua, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo recognizes the good work the women are doing for the party and will reward them for that.

She has therefore charged the women not to relent in the hard work, but work even harder to ensure the party retains power in this year’s election.

He reminded the women of the famous former President Kufuor’s quote: “It is better to be a messenger in a ruling party than a proud General Secretary in an opposition party”, and said the women’s wing under her leadership will never turn it back on its members so long as the party remains in power.

She also urged the women to do away any bitterness in them and focus on the bigger picture of winning election 2020, saying the NPP will always take care of its own even if what is due others delay.

Ms Gyamfua said this on Monday when she met with the constituency women organisers and TESCON women commissioners in the Western Region.

The meeting had in attendance the Western Regional NPP Chairman, Francis Ndede Siah; the Regional Organiser,  Abdul Ganiyu Mohammed;  the Regional Youth Organiser, Benedict Addae;  the Deputy Regional Women’s Organiser, Susana Brown; the Regional Treasurer, Anna Horma Akaisi Miezah; and Abena Kwallah, the Regional Women’s Organiser.

Ms Gyamfua (in cap) addresses the women organisers


‘Eyes on the ball’

Chairman Ndede urged the women to put their “eyes on the ball” to make sure the party wins more seats in the region. He pledged his unflinching support to the women’s wing to ensure it succeeds in its agenda of leading the 2020 campaign.

The Regional Organizer, Abdul Ganiyu Mohammed, also urged the women not to be ceremonial women organisers, but be up and doing to make sure people in their constituencies feel their impact.

The Deputy National Women’s Organiser, Ms Sawudatu, also called on the women to “penetrate every room in the region, door-to-door, church-to-church, mosque-to-mosque, ghetto-to-ghetto” among others, to campaign for the party.”

She reminded them that women are the ultimate beneficiaries of the policies being implemented by the Akufo-Addo government and must therefore go out to ‘hammer’ this point into the ears of the electorate.

All other speakers, including the Regional Youth Organiser, Benedict Addae, emphasized the relevant roles of women in this year’s campaign period.

The Regional Women’s Organiser, Abena Kwallah, presenting a portrait of citation to Ms Gyamfua for her hard work, laid emphasis on unity and respect for one another.

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