A while ago, I placed a call to congratulate His Excellency John Dramani Mahama on his election as the flagbearer of our beloved party, for the 2020 elections.

I run this election with ultimate conviction in the strength of our party and our ability to transform this country into a modern society that works for every Ghanaian citizen. Looking forward we need to come together as a party to accelerate our efforts in embarking on programs that enable every one of us to access the fullest of his or her potentials.
My tours across the country revealed to me the stack reality of deprivation that many of our folks are suffering. We have work to do.

The delegates of our party have spoken and I have no doubt in mind that our leader, President John Dramani Mahama will pull the party closer together and work for the NDC to win the 2020 elections.

I have given him and the chairman of our party the highest assurance of my loyalty and support.

I have urged and continue to appeal to my support base to even work harder for the elected flagbearer and the NDC in order to secure the 2020 victory. I urge my fellow contenders to do same.

My fellow Akatamansonians, when I run for this primaries, I had in mind the beautiful values and prospects we share as a nation. I am the son of a mechanic and a farmer who had no education, yet believed in what a Ghanaian child can achieve with the needed support. Today, I had the honor to run for the flagbearship of our party, because this country offers hope and opportunities to us all.

I therefore charge you to be inspired to do more for our party and this country.

I thank the constituency and branch executives who met me with love and affection and made our meetings memorable. It has been an honor of my life and an incredible journey. My ideals and plans have been sharpened by this experience.

I thank God almighty for his grace, favour and protection through the period of the campaign.

2020 is possible together.
Thank you and God bless you.


23rd February, 2019


Source: The Evening Mail


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