E/R: Drivers overcharging passengers due to bad roads



EveningMailGh.com investigation has reveled that some drivers who ply Akyem Kobriso to Apinamang and its surrounding communities are overcharging unsuspecting drivers due to the nature of their roads. According to our investigation, the original price for boarding a car from Akyem Kobriso to Apinamang is supposed to be GH4. However, whenever it rains, the drivers resort to charging exorbitant prices sometimes as high as GHC15. According to our investigation, a driver who charges a passenger GHC10 for the GHC4 distance even sees that as doing the passenger a favour.


When the EveningMailgh.com visited the community, the passengers recounted the ordeal they go through especially when it rains. They stated that aside the overcharging, the drivers also refuse to pick them when it gets to 4:00pm and beyond.

Akyem Kobriso

Akyem Kobriso is a farming community in the Lower West Akyem Municipality of Eastern Region with a population of about 1500 people.

The community was formed some decade’s go by some elite in the area. But the area lack accessible road, communication networks and other basic social amenities.

Repairs cost
When the drivers were asked about the exorbitant charges being charged passengers, they confirmed to us that it is true. They stated that because the roads are not motorable, that is the only means by which they can get enough money to defray the cost of constant repairs they undertake on their cars.

Protection of lives

The drivers added that, they have resolved not to drive from Apinamang, Kobriso, Akanteng and the other nearby towns when it gets to 04:00pm and beyond to protect their lives from armed robbery attacks that occur frequently on the road. They stated that robbers and car snatchers often take advantage of the bad nature of the roads and the lack of proper telecommunincation network in the area to rob drivers and passengers of their hard earned money. They added that they took that decision to protect themselves, their cars and the passengers from armed robbers and car snatchers.


Health Facility
Speaking with EveningMailGh.com’s Odiasempa Kwadwo Agyei, the Chief for Akyem Kobriso Baffour Kofi Bio II also bemoaned the poor nature of their roads.

Baffour Bio II added that aside from bad road networks, his community is not enjoying  proper health care since the community lacks any health facility.

The chief added that they also struggle to get access to telecommunication networks. “We don’t have communication network, we find it very difficult to communicate unless we climb trees.” he stated.



They are therefore appealing to the government, NGOs and other well meaning Ghanaians to come to their aid.

Source: EveningMailGh.com


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