15th July 2024

Ghanaian gospel musician and fashionista, Empress Gifty says Ghanaian gospel artistes are hypocrites.

This comes after rapper Eno Barony also expressed her worries about the trend of how gospel musicians refuse to work with secular artistes in the country.

Eno, who is currently out with the “Ladies First” album, called five gospel musicians to add their voices to her “Aseda” song, but they all turned her down.

But in an interview on Xzone show on TV XYZ, the “fefeefe” hit maker said she doesn’t mind featuring secular artistes because she’s done it before.

“Oh this is not the first time. I’ve done it before, I did it with Dadie Opanka, Abubro Nkosuo. I won’t sit here and say anything for someone to say I’m lying. I believe in music I believe in words … every time, I say it’s the mind and what you think of the person makes everything a sin or truth. Have you listened to the content of the song? It’s the content that matters.

“The person has his reasons for singing that particular song, so go and support the person to sing the song. For me, it’s a music thing, so far as the person chose you amongst the lot for feature. I want to ask one thing. Am I God to judge them?” she stated.

She continued: “God on the other hand didn’t come because of righteous people so I’m not the one to judge anybody in this world. No. If the person’s song will promote my genre and all, why not, I will help the person. I will do it, this is not my first time, I’ve done it before.”


She disclosed that she’s very close to secular artistes than gospel artistes.

“I’m being honest, I’m very close to secular artistes than my colleagues. Yes. Most, all of them, Shatta, Sarkodie, like I’m cool with them.

“We are close because I think I’m too real and I don’t fake; I won’t meet them and start praying in tongues. I’m not the one to tell them they don’t leave in good structures. If you want to win somebody, my dear go down to the person’s level and talk to the person, they need you that’s why you are with them,” she said.

“This world we live in, no one is holy. We don’t have any righteous person so stop defining yourself as spirit filled, Holy Ghost, forget about that thing. We dealing with the heart. By now the person I’m judging has a clean heart than me so I love them. I don’t know but I love them because they are real.

“Maybe a secular artiste has or know something I don’t know and could help me but because I feel I’m more righteous than him, he won’t teach me. Why is it that the gospel industry we are not making it more than them? We play more live bands than them but they receive more money than us because we are hypocrites,” she emphasised.


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