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The cheap propaganda by NDC’s John Mahama is a threat to Ghana’s Image Abroad and Development- NPP China

The Communication team of the China Branch of the Ruling New Patriotic Party has stated that the action by the former president John Dramani Mahama to show alleged videos and pictures to the international community in Ghana is a threat to thegood image of the country

The communication team of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) branch in China has seen the ex-President of this Republic, John Dramani Mahama in a video making reckless statements when the Japanese Ambassador to Ghana Tsutomu Himeno paid a courtesy call on him recently. An encounter where every Ghanaian thought the ex-president would’ve used his office to speak positively about the country, and to promote the good name of Ghana, which is a Constitutional duty entrenched in Article 41 (a) of Ghana’s 1992 Republican Constitution, Mr. Mahama decided to devote a part of his time to make irresponsible and unguarded remarks about Ghana.
The former president is seen in the said video showing multiple videos of the attacks and gun violence that according to him took place in the recent Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election. His presentation also saw him talking about a so-called history of the NPP vigilante groups and how insecure he thinks Ghana has become.

In related statement published on his Facebook page, the ex-president in an interaction with the United States Ambassador to Ghana Stephanie S. Sullivan referred the incident in the recent by-election as a deployment by the government to cause mayhem now and in election 2020.

The NPP family in China is extremely flabbergasted about the actions of the former president and aspiring leader of the opposition party NDC.
John Mahama is behaving like an immigrant who arrived in Ghana recently and /or suffering from a selective amnesia. Ghanaians and especially the NPP witnessed various barbaric and deadly attacks between 2009 and 2016 under his leadership and watch but never resorted to this cheap propaganda and politics of convenience that damages the good image of Ghana. We recall how market women were shot and killed in broad day light on 25th August 2009 at Agbogbloshie Market. His incompetence and bad leadership resulted in a never pursued justice for the innocent victim of these violent attacks.

We would want to know what prevented the ex-president from showing the violence of Chereponi, Talensi and Atiwa by-elections? What prevented him from telling these diplomats his failed leadership during those times?

His analogy gives the impression that all the violence and gun shoots that took place in those constituencies mentioned above between 2009 and 2016 were also deployed by his government and he was the master planner. If John Mahama has forgotten, we would like to remind him that Ghanaians knew nothing about vigilante groups until his government introduced it at Chereponi by-election in 2009. Has he forgotten he told Ghanaians recently that the NDC is more violent than any political party in Ghana and has its umbilical cord cut from the PNDC military and despotic regime? (Which we don’t contest) and that coming 2020 elections, they will match NPP boot for boot? Meaning his recourse to violence. In our opinion, the former leader has no moral fiber and a ground to stand in making these callous statements to the international bodies.

The NDC communicators and parliamentarians used all kind of words on His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo even when the president had spoken that he does not endorse the violence that went on. They requested that government should look into the case and prosecute the offenders and so the NPP branch in China is once again baffled hearing them again telling their members to boycott the Emile Short Commission that is tasked to investigate the violence. This clearly shows the highest hypocritical attitude of John Mahama and his NDC.
John Mahama thinks, he is using such cheap political antics to win favor from the international community but he should remember he is causing more damage to the country than the NPP. That era where he could use cheap and lose talks to win elections is no more. He is seen going the length and breadth of Ghana all in the name of campaigning yet we are yet to hear his campaign messages.

If the ex-president is committed to peace and security as he claimed and sees the need to ban, totally, the formation and deployment of political paramilitary groups and vigilante groups, then NPP China believes he knows the right thing to do. Running to international bodies can’t ban the vigilante groups which his government formed in 2009 prior to the Chereponi by-elections.

The NPP branch in China is in no way endorsing the violence of the recent Ayawaso by-election. The incident that took place is very bad and it speaks negatively about our democracy. Notwithstanding, we believe the ex-president John Mahama and his NDC instigated the vigilante groups in Ghana and therefore the NDC should remember to add up all such negativity which they supervised. He who seeks equity must come with clean hands. John Mahama should lead the attack and ban all the vigilante groups in his political party and all other political parties will do the same.

Long Live Ghana
Long Live NPP

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