23rd July 2024

The Member of Parliament for Shama in the Western Region, Samuel Erickson Abakah, has expressed his readiness to work with the District Chief Executive of the area, Joseph Amoah.

The MP had vehemently opposed the re-nomination of the DCE. This is because, according to the MP, the DCE sabotaged his 2020 electioneering campaign.

But, according to the legislator, he has now resolved his differences with the DCE and there is no problem between them again.

It is as a result of this that he is pleading with the President to go ahead and re-nominate Mr Amoah to continue his work as DCE if he (the President) so wishes.

Peace at last

Speaking to a local radio station last week Thursday, Mr Abakah said the two political leaders are now at peace with each other, planning and attending programmes together. “We just finished distributing motor bikes to assembly members in our area,” he said.

To help maintain this peace for the good of Shama, the MP urged his supporters as well as  that of the DCE, to also bury their differences, unite and rally behind them to deliver.

The two had been at each other’s throat for some time now over allegation of sabotage against the MP’s campaign. Mr Abakah never ceased saying he has concrete evidence to prove that Mr Amoah, a close ally of former MP Ato Panford,  encouraged his supporters to preach “skirt and blouse” during last year’s electioneering campaign.

He said copies of these evidence had been sent to the Presidency as basis for Mr Amoah’s  removal stressing that he ‘cannot work with his saboteur’.

The MP was said to be pushing for the nomination of one Joseph Garbrah,  a former parliamentary candidate for the constituency and one of the three party members  eyeing the DCE position. This resulted in press conferences and fights between his supporters and that of the DCE with all sorts of unprintable words freely flowing.

The two leaders, at a point, also went on air throwing salvos at each other. The MP has, however, made a sharp  U-turn by expressing readiness to work  with his alleged “saboteur”.

Some political analysts have attributed his sudden change of mind to consensus building exercise by  NPP’s national leadership and hoped this will be replicated in  constituencies with similar problems.

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