25th July 2024

Controversial actress and Ghanaian celebrity Moesha Boduong has finally laid to rest many reports and rumours about her that she had liposuction.

Liposuction is an operation done on the body in which fat is taken from a part of an individual’s body and injected to other parts of the same body mostly the buttocks and hips to enhance improve contour.

Moesha has for a long time been under massive criticisms following many accusations that her body was not natural and that a scar found on her body showed that had done liposuction.

An allegation she has refuted many times. However, in a new confession she made, Moesha said she has truly had liposuction.

She revealed that the operation was done on her stomach to make her tummy and waist smaller, while naturally enlarging her hips and backside.

“I have truly done the lipo [liposuction] but that was on my stomach and not my backside as people are saying.”

“Removing the fat from my stomach made my shape come out. But this is not fake or artificial.

The artificial ones are the injection of silicon and other chemicals into the body and those ones are dangerous,” Moesha explained further.

She was speaking on the McBrown Kitchen show as monitored by YEN.com.gh on Sunday, February 24, 2019, on UTV.

Moesha shocked many people with her cooking skills on the show when she prepared a meal of banku and tilapia.

Asked how she takes it when she read negative reports about her in the media, Moesha said she feels good, adding that she sees it as a sign that people love her.

According to her, whenever there is no news about her, she gets worried, which moves her to make a controversial post on social media for attention.

Moesha has been in the news massively the past week when she was accused of having HIV.

She, however, refuted the allegations and said they were untrue.

The allegation was made by a social media that got the disease from a Nigerian CEO, Livingstone Abani, of Madhaus Entertainment.

Abani is also said to be the godfather of Shatta Wale.


Source: yen.com.gh

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