14th July 2024

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) in partnership with the Ghana Association of Visual Artists (GAVA) has launched the 2021 World Art Day dubbed ‘Reimagining Ghana’s Future Artistically.’

Speaking at the launch on Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021, the Metropolitan Chief Executive of Accra,  Mohammed Adjei Sowah, noted that the Assembly is committed to ensuring art thrives in the city and would provide the necessary leadership and support.

He added that art contributes to the economic growth of the city hence his interest in ensuring that the Assembly’s focus was not monotonous on traders, building permits, and only education going to schools build but promoting art.

“It cannot be said that our focus has been monotonous on traders, building permits, and only education but the art contributes a lot to the economy of Accra…” he said.

Mr Mohammed Adjei Sowah also pointed out that the ‘Accra for Arts’ initiative was intended to make the city a creative city that everyone has space, confidence, and something to do or contribute to the city.

Promoting culture

Executive Director of the National Commission on Culture, Madam Edna Nyame also noted that art was an important element of promoting our culture as a country and generating revenue for the economy.

“As Ghanaians or artists we can attract tourists if we have beautiful arts to show and exhibit since tourists troop into our country to have a feel of our story and artifacts…” she said.

She called on artists across the country to take keen action in creating arts that would attract local and international patronage.



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